Psymbionic’s “Illusions” EP Out Now!!

Psymbionic’s “Illusions” EP Out Now on Made In Glitch featuring collaborations with ONE4ALL, Joe Mousepad & Pharo!


For those of you who dont know, John “Psymbionic” Burcham is another local producer in my hometown of Austin Texas and he recently released his debut EP “Illusions” on Made In Glitch. I have always felt that Psymbionic was one of the top producers in our local scene and therefore him and I spend a lot of time getting eachothers opinions and input on our work and occasionally get a chance to collaborate on writing tracks together and I was very pleased to find out that one of the tracks that we had worked on was selected to be on his EP! We will be hosting a special EP release party December 14th at Barcelona in Austin Texas! Event details are here.

Click here to Download Psymbionic’s EP “Illusions” from Addictech!

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