Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” (ONE4ALL Remix)


ONE4ALL comes out swinging in his most recent remix of “In the Air Tonight” by the legendary Phil Collins. This heavy rendition of an all-too-familiar classic does an incredible job of blending unique bass layers while still holding true to the original characteristics of the track. Typical to other remixes from this Texas based producer, ONE4ALL introduces the track in it’s traditional sense with deep vibes locking in the listener. Lightly textured percussions start to twist up the beat as the first modern additions become apparent and Phil Collin’s vocals intensely build up the emotion until the infamous drum roll explodes into a fury of growling bass lines. As the track progresses, we are introduced to an exciting section of glitched up vocals and more banging bass lines that ultimately erupt into the final chorus and all fading out into a fully harmonious echo.

Genre holds no boundary to ONE4ALL’s abilities as a producer and that’s more present than ever in this release. After his most recent EP release ‘Extrospect’ on Gravitas Recordings, ONE4ALL is continuing to build momentum and with this drop he is certain to become one of the rising stars in the bass music scene. Be on the lookout for a special collaboration release titled “Cloud Concepts” with Colorado native The Digital Connection dropping on Gravitas Recordings this May!



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