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“Be the Change you want to see in the World,” is one of the most inspiring quotes the creators of Be Green Records have ever been influenced by. And personally, through meeting countless individuals who want to help and just don’t know what they as one person can do, is, the inspiration for this album. Many people gathered together, each doing just a little, does affect huge change, synergy, and since we are all passionate about music and art – we thought this would be the best way we could benefit both worlds.

Music and art has enriched each of our lives so much, we have chosen to use it as a medium to do positive things. By collaborating with like minded individuals, we are able to do so much more as a community and to give back to the world around us. Focusing on feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing medical care for those most in need, is our primary intention. We believe we can achieve this when we all come together.

The compilation will benefit:

Save The Children

Doctors Without Borders


Conscious Alliance, a grassroots charity started by a college student to address hunger in our local

“It has been our dream to do what we love as far as “work” is concerned, and we are hopelessly in love with music and art.  While we each are passionate about creating our own music and art, we find great satisfaction in supporting our global community as well.  With Be Green Records as a medium, we are able to fulfill all of those desires as well as fill the needs of those who are hungry, seeking clothing and shelter, medicine and so much more in our local communities and around the world.  It is one of our deepest wishes that we can inspire others to participate and help as well.  We can all do something, especially when we align our intentions.

This album was a dream, spoken aloud between two people who shared a common desire.  Built upon over a couple years with ideas and love….and then we shared our dream with our local community of artists and producers and found they had similar ideals.  Everything you will hear on this album and see in the amazing artwork was a gift of love by its creator.  Shared from the heart, to give to the world.  We hear it in the music, and feel it when we look at the artwork of our contributors, and it is even better than we ever could have imagined.  So again, to all those involved – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


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