Here it is! I’m happy to announce my brand new album “Taking Shape” featuring 6 tracks of all original music and a collaboration of artists from east to west coast will be released May 15th on MalLabel Music. Alongside this announcement comes the debut single “The Vibe”. This track, featuring Portland’s own Raquel Divar, is now available for streaming on my soundcloud. 


1- The Vibe (ft. Raquel Divar)

2- Unusual Suspects (ft. Wolf-e-Wolf)

3- From the Jump (ft. Ben Al)

4- Adonis

5- Persevere

6- Sunday Swing


For me, this release came together with the intent of creating something that fully represents the extent of my sound. From heavy hitting 808 tracks to smooth purple bass melodies, this piece of music thoroughly illustrates a unique blend of sounds that will seamlessly move a listener from beginning to end. Lastly.. as things come to a close I want to take a moment to thank the people who were involved in the process either directly or have otherwise supported me in my endeavors! It all wouldn’t be the same without you!!

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