Minnesota’s “Stardust Redux” (Remixed by ONE4ALL)


Minnesota’s “Stardust Redux” gets the official ONE4ALL treatment, yet taken with this song before. He truly ventures the listeners into the stars with a powerful duo of the harp and the violin. As more and more instruments become incorporated, we embrace a mix of percussive elements and synthesizers that embody the melody. The emotion continues to grow as the song builds, emphasizing on a string section and a deep bass. Finally, when the climax hits, everything bursts into a musical supernova, tying the melodic theme into an orchestra of strings and synths. Even with the chill vibes it gives off, you will be mesmerized from beginning to end.

Those familiar with ONE4ALL’s work may be surprised to find a release with a much more laidback feel. Though his music is known for being more upbeat, no genre can restrain his abilities and talent. The Austin, TX native proves himself worthy of recognition, especially after the success of his previous releases and his recent feature on Gravitas Recordings’s compilation, Virtus In Sonus II. Culminating a season-long hiatus, ONE4ALL will be returning to the stage to perform at this year’s Art Outside festival October 18-21.


Thanks You For Listening. Music Is Love.

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