Gravitas Compilation Out Now on Addictech!

Gravitas Recordings presents “Virtus In Sonus” meaning “Power in Sound” or “Virtue through Sound”.

The 24 track compilation is a collection of tunes from all genres, vibes, and tempos but with a very clear thread of artistic integrity, attention to detail and unfettered artistic expression. Artists include Govinda, Blunt Instrument, Cryptex, One4All, NickNack, Brede, and many more amazingly talented and gifted producers. This is our gift to you, thank you for listening. Music is Love!

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Mysticism – NickNack

Crystalline – BoomBaptist

Bliss – Rion King

Mind the Beat – Qualia

Let it Burn – Canis

Universal On Switch – Govinda

Finn Step – Blunt Instrument

Stooges – Pharo

Theory of Relativity – One4All

Reset – Cryptex

I Saw You – Macrodot

Paragon – Brede

Codeine Tostin’ (Instrumental) – Jason Torres

Slimy – Neon Black

Beatbox – Kendall Clark

Revolution – Metranohm

Git’ On The Floor – Vice Versatile

Radar Junkie – Jake Scarbrough

Where Do Drums Come From? – Abboriginal

Starwalker – The Digital Connection

Castles – wiZard

Gravitease – Lofty Loops

Maid of Sand – Butcher Bear

Good Girl Bad Girl – Bobby Tank

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